5 Things I'm Doing This Summer To Love Myself More

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As a plus size momma who wasn't always so big it's hard for me to distance myself from my childhood's echoes of hate and fat shame. So here I am, vowing to love myself as I am. I invite you to join with me in doing these 5 things daily. 

1. Love every inch of my body

This is especially hard for me. While I don't hate my body, I'm not necessarily in love with it. Here is my start: making myself an imperfect bikini for the pool. I tell you, no one in my household was happy about it and I replied with " if you or anyone has a problem that is on you." I'm 38-years-old and want to wear something that I love and feel amazing in. That's the key to step #1, wearing what makes you feel amazing! 

This takes me to #2

2. Take time to do the things I love without the electronics

This week, this meant spending time with my family away from my inlaws. We literally lounged in the pool all day long and watched the fireworks from the pool. I left my phone in the hotel room and made memories that I will have forever---away from electronics! We are a homeschooling family so we always have electronics on so it's especially important to me to break away from that from time to time. 

3. Take time to meditate 

For some this may mean reading the Bible, gazing at the stars above at night or something that brings peace. For me, this changes daily. Trying to wake up before the kids to have my ME time, even if it's for 30 minutes, that's HUGE! 

4. Dedicate time during the week to be active

See how I did that? Just BE ACTIVE. Not run a mile, go to the gym, or something insane like that. hahahaha I just need to move my big butt which sometimes means all I do is go up and down the stairs for a bit. I really need to do more but for now, every step counts! But yet, when I go to the gym I get a free hydromassage. hmmm.

5.Positive Self-Talk

This is probably the most important and the least used. How we talk to ourselves makes a huge difference in how we function on a daily basis. There's so much to say about this topic but I'm going to stop here. So speaking positive words to my brain daily include saying 10 positive things about the day before I go to bed and getting my kids to practice the same. 

That's it. Those are my 5 steps to becoming happier and showing myself some self-love. 

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