Measured-to-fit apparel for tall, petite, & voluptuous
Measured-to-fit apparel for tall, petite, & voluptuous
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Fabric Friday!

black fabric friday liverpool

Happy Friday everyone! I'm going to start doing #fabricfriday where I showcase 1 fabric. Let me know if there's something you'd like to see and I'll schedule it. ;)
Fabric highlight! This is a black denim look liverpool. I currently have the black in stock but the blue denim is what's pictured on the models. There are two amazing things about this fabric. One, it gives a more professional look and finish to any garment making it ideal for the office. Two, it's Liverpool which means it offers a slight bit more structure to dresses, shorts, and pants (As seen below) BUT it does not loose it's stretch and high level of comfort!
I envision this fabric used as an office pant, business skirt, jacket, twirly dress or even shorts! Use a colorful fabric as an accent, as seen below on the pants.

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