Measured-to-fit apparel for tall, petite, & voluptuous
Measured-to-fit apparel for tall, petite, & voluptuous
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Fabric Friday

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Today is all about Liverpool. It's a structured knit fabric that is thicker than DBP (buttery-soft leggings fabric) and so ideal for shorts, dresses, and even some formal garments. Look at these gorgeous shorts I made from Liverpool! 

Liverpool is a synthetic fabric so no ironing is required and she will move with your body! She's great for pants and shorts as you'll feel like you're wearing leggings but your imperfections will be hidden. 

Wear her as a twirly dress for extra poof or as a pencil skirt for the office. 

Even on little girls, she's adorable! 

And one of my faves, as a skirt to a dress. 

Liverpool offers an endless amount of possibilities. How will you wear your next liverpool garment? 

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