How M4U got started


As a child, Hannah would cut up clothes her mom bought and recreate her own fashion garments. As an adult, she rediscovered her passion for sewing after marketing for a national renown network marketing company that focused on women's clothing and unique prints. Prior to beginning M4U She worked in the healthcare industry when she decided to leave and take care of her two young boys. It was then that she began discovering the fashion industry via various MLM’s when she noticed that many of her clients weren’t being serviced. The fashion industry is geared towards the standard sizes but there are three categories of adults who can’t shop off the rack: tall, petite, and voluptuous women. While many who fit these categories are able to find workarounds, they greatly struggle to find clothes that fit like a glove. This is when Hannah decided to begin a measured-to-fit boutique specializing in tall, petite, and voluptuous. 
Her love for sewing and the joy of creating clothes, mixing patterns and prints for the perfect fitting item started as a business opportunity then turned into a well-loved hobby from which Hannah just happens to make money. She offers a range of items from infants to extra curvy adults. 
Hannah has 2 young boys, 8 and 5 years old. Alex, the eldest, is homeschooled and loves robotics, gaming, science, and math. Adam, the youngest, attends public school and adores writing and drawing. Adam is currently working on a chapter book for his grandma and pawpaw. Her husband, Waldo, is from Chile and works in the I.T. department at a prominent hotel. Hannah and her family enjoy biking, traveling, watching movies, doing puzzles, and making coffee from their Mocha (a specialty international coffee maker).

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