10% of all dress purchases will be donated to the Dressember cause.
10% of all dress purchases will be donated to the Dressember cause.
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How to select your fabric


Fabric Contents: 97% poly, 3% span  

What I love about Liverpool: it's very forgiving, adds structure without losing comfort, can be used to add volume to any garment and it's very stretchy. 

What I dislike about Liverpool: tends to be warm due to its high poly count. 

Ideal for: pencil skirts, twirly skirts, blazers, any fitted garment (SOS pant, twirly dress, Boundless, etc). 


Fabric Contents: 96% poly 4% span

What I love about DBP: It's perfect for everything you want to make. It's flowy, stretchy, and buttery soft.

What I dislike about DBP: Due to its high poly count, some might find it warm. Although, I wear DBP all year round. 

Ideal for: leggings, dresses (great twirl!), tops, shorts, and really ANYTHING. 


Fabric Contents: 80% nylon, 20% span

What I love about Swim: Excellent for bras! Something that many people don't think of. Why not? I mean, it's breathable, can handle wet environments, and it's sooo comfy! 

What I dislike about Swim: Nothing. 

Ideal for: swimsuits, athleisure, fitness apparel, bras, panties, anything you want to breathe really well. 


Fabric Contents: 100% poly

What I love about Chiffon: Light and flowy. 

What I dislike about Chiffon: Not breathable and not stretchy. This really doesn't matter because chiffon fabric will be used for coverups and such. 

Ideal for: Coverups & layered twirly skirts. 



Fabric Contents: 100% cotton

What I love about Cotton Jersey: Breathable, cotton jersey knit fabric has an ultra soft hand, fluid drape.

What I dislike about Cotton Jersey:  Not as soft as DBP

Ideal for:  Perfect for leggings, form-fitting tops, T-shirts, gathered skirts and fuller dresses.




Fabric Contents: 100% Rayon, Made from soft rayon and reminiscent of French silk

What I love about Rayon Challis: Light and flowy

What I dislike about Rayon Challis: nothing

Ideal for: Summer blouses, skirts, and flowing dresses. Known for its delicate, understated matte-finish, Challis is the embodiment of European grace.



Fabric Contents: 95% cotton, 5% span

What I love about Cotton Spandex: Breathable fabric that is perfect for summer. 

What I dislike about Cotton Spandex: Nothing

Ideal for: leggings, shorts, sportswear, t-shirts, dresses



Fabric Contents: 80% poly, 16% rayon, 4% span

What I love about French Terry: Everything! It makes the comfiest winter dresses, pullovers, and hoodies. 

What I dislike about French Terry: Mainly for winter usage but I love it all year round, even though it's very warm. 

Ideal for:  lounge-wear, hoodies, jackets and pullovers.


Fabric Contents: 95% poly, 5% span

What I love about Hacci: It's an excellent winter fabric 

What I dislike about Hacci: Nothing

Ideal for: all sorts of winter apparel

Fabric Contents: 96% poly, 4% span

What I love about ITY: Sometimes I can find brushed ITY which feels just as amazing as the DBP. Great for twirl and flowy garments. 

What I dislike about ITY: It can be a bit warm.

Ideal for: maxi dresses and maxi skirts, dresses, pencil skirts, any loose or fitted garment. 

Fabric Contents: Varies from cotton/rayon/poly/span combinations. 

What I love about Modal: This is my #1 favorite fabric because it's breathable, buttery soft, drapes beautifully and it's forgiving. 

What I dislike about Modal: Too many variables so it's hard to know which to get. 

Ideal for: Everything. Similar to DBP, Modal can be worn for any occasion and any style. 


Fabric Contents: 92% poly, 8% span

What I love about Power Mesh: The ginormous selection of solids and prints that can be used for just about any application. It also snaps to your body and can work as a controlled boyd linning. 

What I dislike about Power Mesh: Nothing

Ideal for: swim lining, lingerie, layered skirts and dresses, coverups, linning for dresses

Fabric Contents: 95% poly, 5%span

What I love about Stretch Lace: Adds a beautiful accent to all clothes

What I dislike about Stretch Lace: Nothing

Ideal for: layered dresses and skirts, coverups, lingerie 


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