Measured-to-fit apparel is all about the quality of life one lives.

Not too long ago I went through a rough patch with my business and personal life. I wanted to throw in the towel and give everything up. It just wasn't worth it anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love sewing and helping women but life just sucked. So I began to think about how I could exit and what it would take. Then I realized that all of the women I've serviced. All of the women who, because of M4U, now have a shop where they can purchase clothes that fit the RIGHT way. Then I began to think, how could I abandon them? Where would they shop if I shut down?

It took me a minute to get my mojo back but I realized something. M4U is about providing a service that women don't have access to and increasing their quality of life. 

So thank you to all those who have encouraged me over the course of all of my crazy. Thank you for trusting me to make you some kick ass comfy apparel! I can't wait to see what we accomplish next. 


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