The big, the beautiful & the unique woman

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That moment when you decide to brand yourself as that store women can go to who can't find their size at their local department store (or anywhere else).....and you lean into that. Feels REALLY amazing. Like direction for the A.D.D. person (this is an oximoron guys). hahaha I'm A.D.D. by the way. 
Custom clothing that fits the curvy, plus size, and those on either side of the height spectrum - women. Yano, basically all of the non "standard" fit women. 
It's a VERY thrilling moment! Because you know who you are! You end up disliking shopping because clothes are always too big in one area, too small in another or just not comfortable. This makes women think there's something wrong with us because we can't find our beautiful fit much less love our clothes. And sometimes this has a very adverse effect and it shouldn't! We need to love our bodies as they are and celebrate when we find the perfect fitting garment---and not stop until we have the right store. If my style isn't for you but you want custom clothes, let me know and I'll be happy to connect you with a potential seamstress who can meet your needs and wants!
What can I help you find today?
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