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I have sooooo much to say about this topic that cannot be put into 1 blog post (you'd hate for me it!). I used to work for a company that did measured-to-fit bras and thanks to them, bra fitting and discovering your perfect fit has become a HUGE passion of mine. So, let me try not to ramble on for too long------ready?

A Word About Bra Sizing  

I get that bra sizing and fitting can be very confusing and a bit scary. Most of us love a good pair of jeans and some of us live in them. So let's think of it as you do jeans, you won't wear the same size from one brand to another, would you? While a size 16 in XYZ brand might fit you like a glove, size 22 in another brand may be too uncomfortable. This is exactly how the bra world works. Each designer and manufacturer will be different. While one bra might be great on you (technically and personal preference) the other one won't. THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. 

Discovering your perfect fit

Sizing is the perfect blend of technical fit and personal preference. Here's an example. Box stores say I should wear a 40E or a 42D. I find neither comfortable because the cups are too small and the band loosens up way too quickly (more on this below). I find that my personal preference dominates my technical fit. I wear a 38G in almost every bra and I LOVE it! My bras also don't last as long for me as they do the average woman. I have to replace mine every 4-5 months. It's ridiculous, I knoooow. But I make my own now, so it's not so bad! 

How long should my bra last me before I have to trade her in?

Here are a few things to keep in mind, you should change out your bras every 6-9 months as every time you wear her, the elasticity begins to break down. This means that the bra slowly begins to lose the ability to do her job. When your bra loses elasticity the following happens: 

  • redness on your skin (band can't stay in place so it moves, irritating your skin)
  • straps fall down
  • band rides up
  • cups no longer fit properly either showing too much cleavage, giving a second boob look, or gaping. NO BUENO ladies!
  • becomes unbearable to wear
  • back begins to hurt
  • breasts begin to hurt
  • and the list goes on!


So try on a ton of bras, get to know what you love and hate and go from there! 

Read more about bra sizing, measurements, do's and don'ts here

What is your favorite brand bra? What else would you like to know about bra sizing? Please comment below and I'm happy to help!

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