Megan Romper - pants & shorts

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This is a classic romper from the Made for Mermaid designers. It comes with 3 different lengths, 3 sleeve options, and a beautiful crossover front with a full back. This design has a small elastic waistband that cinches in at the waist for a flowy pant. 

Measurements: This garment is custom made to your measurements. You will need to submit your waist, full bust, hip, & height.

Fabric tips: Use a cotton/jersey blend during the summer months as it's more breathable. 

About quality products:

M4U custom apparel is made with a serger and overlock machines. They provide professional finishes that you see from large, overseas manufacturing plants. An overlock machine does the hem on sleeves, necklines, and more. A serger is used for the inside seams of a garment and uses between 3 and 8 threads. The average inside seam is used with a 4-thread serger. This is what I use for ultimate stretch and stability. All fabric is pre-washed and pre-shrunk so your custom garment doesn't shrink with time. Fabrics are checked for damages, recovery (ability to bounce back to its original shape), percentage of stretch for a proper fit, and overall quality for sustainability and comfort.