Sewing lessons

Sewing a straight line
Difference between knit and woven fabrics
How to use & follow a pattern
How to shop and measure the proper amount of fabric
How to thread a sewing machine
Basic sewing machine troubleshooting
How to properly pin, measure, and cut fabric

         Progress and items made will be determined upon the growth of the student and their skill level. Commonly made items are pillows, skirts, pillowcases, neck warmers, capes, and other projects. My instruction style is what I like to call "free range & project-based" and the students have a strong influence on what they make. In the beginning, I show the students what we are making, provide instructions and let them have at it. I'm available as needed and I keep an eye to ensure that the pre-determined skill set is being learned but the learning doesn't stop there! Students have the freedom to try different stitches and change up their project as they're going. As time goes on and their skills increase, they will have the freedom to decide what projects they want to make. When there is the freedom to complete each project with creativity, learning is then inspired and skills grow immensely. 

Here is a video of one of my students that has now progressed to using the serger. 


         Classes are a free-flowing project-based learning environment. Small classes allow each student to be able to begin and complete their project with minimal or intense assistance. Once the student has learned the pre-assigned skill, they will move on to the next skill set. 


        There is a one time supply fee of $100 which includes all fabric and supplies for each student and their own sewing machine during class. Classes are provided in my home in Houston, Texas (3 miles north of Sugarland) and are open to everyone 5 years old and up.  I can travel to you as well! Tuition for classes held in my home is $100/month for 4 hours of instruction time. Instruction time/class time may be completed in 1 day or divided into two, 3, or 4 days a month. 

       If you want to host a class, max enrollment is 5 students for 4 hours a month. For a small group class at your location, the cost is $650 a month which includes travel, set up fee, and 4 hours of instruction time. Instruction/class time may be completed in 1 day or divided into two days a month. The $650 monthly tuition may be split amongst the students. 

        If you'd like to enroll in a class, you may do so by sending an email ( or connect with me via the customer chat. 

           Here are some projects that my students have made:

Market Bag
and so much more!


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