Brand Rep Application

Every 3 months M4U teams up with a new set of beautiful ladies & their families to promote love and true beauty. I am looking for women of all colors, sizes, and ages who can provide high-quality images of themselves and others modeling my creations in exchange for free & discounted items and exposure on my social media. My primary consideration is the quality of the photography and not traditional beauty, popularity, or number of followers.

Photos & Videos must be:

📷Well lit,
📷color balanced,
📷 showing clothing
📷 flat or textured plain background

I run searches in January, April, July, and October. Apply any time, but know that terms only begin in those months and so you may not hear back until then.

How it works: 

  • 40% off code throughout the term; 10% off code for friends & family. You will also have a referral code and will be able to earn loyalty points for referring others and for each purchase. Discounts cannot be combined. 

  • Well styled photos of every item purchased using your code within a week of receiving (to be used for marketing purposes). 

  • Share my posts, your purchased items, etc on your own social media when possible.

  • Like and follow Made for you by Hannah Q on Facebook and Instagram and interact on my posts when possible.

  • Promote new releases (between 1 to 2 a month).

  • You'll need to make at least 1 purchase throughout your term. Purchases may be from sale itemsor new releases. Discounts cannot be combined. 

TO ENTER: Complete and submit the below form. If you aren't picked this time around, no worries, there will be more opportunities! 💜💜💜 If you are chosen as a brand rep, you are agreeing to the pictures you send to be used for MFU marketing. Your code can be deactivated at any time if you do not hold up your end of the agreement.