Custom Bras

So you're ready to take the leap to a custom made bra! It's an exciting endeavor and don't worry, we are here to assist. 

A Word About Bra Sizing  

I get that bra sizing and fitting can be very confusing and a bit scary. Think of it as you do jeans, you won't wear the same size from one brand to another would you? Neither will you for your bras. Each designer and manufacturer will be different. While one bra might be great on you, the other one won't. THAT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL. 

How will you know when you've found your perfect fitting bra? 

Do you remember your first true hard crush? It's kind of like that---you just know! But for those who want more deets, here is what I say all of the time:

1. Close your eyes. Jump up and down. How do you feel? Great? = you've found your fit! Not great? What doesn't feel great about it and let's fix it!

2. Put your clothes on and look in the mirror (because we don't leave the house with only a bra on). Do you like how it looks? Yes? Then you've found your fit!

Discovering your perfect fit is a combination of preference and technical fit. Sometimes your technical fit will say you should wear a 38D but what is comfortable is a 36E. That's OK! 

When you have the perfect fit, you won't even think about your bra at all. It should feel like a second skin. 

1. Even with all the right measurements, you still must try on the bra to know how it fits. 

2. STOP paying attention to the number and size!!! YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER AND SIZE. Your preference and confidence in having a perfect fitting bra supersede letters and numbers. 

3. Trust the experts. Answer all the questions to the best of your abilities. This is what will help us make an accurate recommendation. 

4. Start paying attention to which styles flatter your figure.

-Plunge bras: petites & close-set chests. 

-Balconettes: broader shoulders and full busts.

-Smoothers: minimize back fat without sacrificing support.

5. If you rip your bra off the minute you walk in the door, then it's time for a new one. The right bra should never be painful or even annoying to wear.

6. Try to have 6 bras minimum in your drawers. Two nude, two black (in styles that work for your body type), 1 strapless and 1 sports bra. 

7. Use a drawer to store your bras. Lay them together with cups splayed out lengthwise.

8. Hand-wash, or machine-launder in a mesh bag with a detergent made for delicates. ALWAYS air dry. 

9. From the moment you begin to wear your bra the elasticity begins to wear out. The elasticity is what keeps your bra like new. Therefore, you will need to replace every 4-9 months. Your bra will still be in 1 piece but it won't do its job and will create unnecessary pain, irritability, and redness.

10. Be patient with the process and don't give up! 

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